Orlando Paver Sealing | PaverSealing.com

2019-06-20T08:00:41-04:00June 20th, 2019|

A recent internet joke quipped that “Orlando is 30 minutes from Orlando”. If you live in or near the city beautiful you know that the truth in that joke is what makes it so funny. Orlando has sprawled, and as it stretches homeowners find themselves in need of an Orlando Paver Sealing service with the [...]

Professional Paver Sealing Service in Windermere

2019-04-07T14:59:59-04:00March 27th, 2019|

Windermere is booming. New homes are going up at a steady clip, multi family residential is starting to sprout up at its edges along 535 and owners of existing residences are upgrading their driveways, pool decks and other outdoor living areas.  Homeowners are increasingly opting for upgraded material options like brick pavers, travertine, shell stone [...]

Paver Sealing Service in Orlando with Sherwin-Williams

2019-04-07T14:59:59-04:00January 18th, 2019|

Founded in 1866 Sherwin-Williams has a long history with a reputation for being among the best paints and coverings manufacturers in the world. With annual sales approaching the $10 billion dollar mark, they are the top brand in the United States. They often make and keep customers for life and have developed a customer base that borders [...]

Sealing New Pavers | Winter Garden, Fl

2019-04-07T14:59:59-04:00January 10th, 2019|

With new homes going up everyday, we've been getting a lot of calls from customers who are interested in sealing new pavers in Winter Garden, Fl. If you've recently picked up the keys to your new home or even if you've been in the house for a while but just never got around to sealing [...]

Paver Sealing Windermere | PaverSealing.com

2019-04-07T15:00:02-04:00January 4th, 2019|

Most Windermere customers would agree that when it finally comes time to address their dropping, shifting, discolored, worn out or dull pavers, they go searching for the best paver sealing Windermere has to offer. But with so many different choices, that can be a difficult task. Paver Sealing Windermere   We've compiled a [...]

Longwood Paver Sealing

2019-04-07T15:00:02-04:00October 19th, 2018|

Longwood Paver Sealing Our Longwood Paver Sealing customers are looking for the highest quality finished product for their brick paver surfaces. What does that look like? Thoroughly cleaned.  The surface should be free of mold ,mildew, algae, weeds and the like.   Structurally Sound.  The surface should be level and without any dropping or shifting pavers. [...]

Winter Park Paver Repair

2019-04-07T15:00:02-04:00May 10th, 2018|

Winter Park Paver Repair Winter Park homeowners enjoy life beneath the canopy of stately live oaks and towering cypress trees. They also face a particularly difficult challenge in maintaining their brick and travertine surfaces. Choosing a qualified and properly insured Winter Park Paver Repair service is essential. At PaverSealing.com, we specialize in all aspects of traditional [...]

When is the best time of year to seal pavers?

2019-04-07T15:00:02-04:00October 20th, 2017|

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from Orlando paver sealing customers is... “ When is the best time of year to seal pavers?” The answer is easy... Right now. We could easily make the case for having your pavers sealed at any time of the year. To illustrate, we’ll go over [...]

Paver Repair and Sealing | Windermere, Fl

2019-04-07T15:00:03-04:00September 1st, 2017|

Brick paver surfaces come with many benefits. They're available in a variety of colors, styles, shapes and patterns that can provide a custom look to any home or commercial property. They're also a “flexible paving surface” meaning that they allow for flexion as well as drainage. For Windermere homeowners and others throughout Central Florida this [...]

Travertine Pool Deck Sealing | Windermere Fl

2019-04-07T15:00:03-04:00June 30th, 2017|

While beautiful, and durable, travertine surfaces do require regular maintenance. For homeowners who've chosen travertine for their pool and patio areas, high quality Travertine Pool Deck Sealing should be a top priority. We regularly speak with customers who are at their wits end with the problems that their travertine surfaces are giving them. Algae fills [...]

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