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We started in 2004. Long enough to see plenty of changes in design trends, material advancements and economic fluctuations. We’ve adapted and grown along the way.
Most of our projects can be completed in two days. Occasionally a third day may be required in case of inclement weather or difficulty with drying.
Our products set up very fast. Generally, foot traffic is OK throughout the service (5 min after application in any given area)
We suggest waiting 24 hours after completion for vehicle traffic.
No. We are happy to move your furniture and potted plants, and will replace them for you when we finish.
While some debris may find its way to your pool during the cleaning/sanding portions, we will clean up after ourselves, vacuuming if necessary.
This is a difficult question and is a matter of personal preference and how your surface sets up.

Solvent based products produce a much deeper color change in the paver surface and tend to last longer.(Most of our customers choose this option.)

Water based products on the other hand are generally more forgiving in terms of moisture being present and while they produce a more subdued look, they are an environmentally friendly option.

We offer a full line of both product types and are happy to go over options and recommendations at your home.

There are many variables that affect the longevity of a sealed surface. UV exposure, weather, traffic, drainage and material all play a role. However, we do warranty a sealed surface for 24 months, and generally expect the treatment to last around 3 years.
The idea is to create less maintenance not more. You will not need to pressure wash while the sealant is performing properly. A simple rinse is generally sufficient to remove dirt, debris, pollen etc.
Gloss: Deep Color, Highest level of sheen. Shiny

Satin: Deep Color, Crisp Satin Sheen. Obviously sealed, not overly done.

Matte: Moderate Color change. More natural. Flat appearance.

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