Brick paver surfaces come with many benefits. They’re available in a variety of colors, styles, shapes and patterns that can provide a custom look to any home or commercial property. They’re also a “flexible paving surface” meaning that they allow for flexion as well as drainage. For Windermere homeowners and others throughout Central Florida this means that you won’t find cracks along your driveway like you would generally see on a poured concrete surface. The trade off is that they will require periodic Paver Repair and Sealing.

Windermere Paver Repair and Sealing

Windermere Paver Repair and Sealing

With so many customers choosing brick pavers over concrete for their driveways and pool decks, and so many new Paver Sealing companies popping up, the search for a reputable Windermere paver repair and sealing service can be a daunting one.

Often, the need for high quality paver repair is overlooked. Companies come in, clean the surface quickly, re sand the joints, spray some sealer on and run to the next job. Sometimes all in one day. We have a hard time believing that’s the most thorough way to treat a brick Paver surface. At we employ a two day method, that allows time for thorough cleaning, as well as full scale repairs on Day One.

By addressing common issues such as dropping pavers, shifting pavers, tree root problems, erosion, failing paver edge restraints, dropping pavers around pool skimmers and a variety of other problems, we can deliver a finished paver repair and sealing service that not only looks great and repels water, but functions properly and performs as designed.

We’d love to help with your paver repair and sealing project. For a free, no obligation quote at your home in Windermere, Winter Garden and other Central Florida communities, please give us a call at 407.712.5511 or just click here. We’d love to talk about your project!