Founded in 1866 Sherwin-Williams has a long history with a reputation for being among the best paints and coverings manufacturers in the world. With annual sales approaching the $10 billion dollar mark, they are the top brand in the United States. They often make and keep customers for life and have developed a customer base that borders on cult following. It is for this reason that when we set out to provide the best paver sealing service in Orlando we went out in search of the highest quality paver sealing products. 138 years later Sherwin Williams continues to offer the best.

Sherwin Williams

Proudly using Sherwin-Williams products

New sealant brands hit the market almost daily and we are inundated with offers from suppliers who would like to see us use their new material. The fact is, while some of these sealers are perfectly fine, they haven’t done a fraction of the research and development nor can they match the level of service that you’re going to find with an established national brand like Sherwin Williams.

In the end, our customers have a significant investment in their brick, paver and natural stone surfaces and they want the best paver sealing service in Orlando. Theres simply too much at stake to chance it on lesser known start-ups with bold, but unsubstantiated claims of performance.

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