Most Windermere customers would agree that when it finally comes time to address their dropping, shifting, discolored, worn out or dull pavers, they go searching for the best paver sealing Windermere has to offer. But with so many different choices, that can be a difficult task.

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Paver Sealing Windermere


We’ve compiled a list of things that any Windermere paver sealing customer would be wise to consider when hiring a paver sealing service:

  • How will the contractor clean the surface? Will they pressure wash, will they use bleach or other cleaning agents? Do you have rust, if so are they planning to use Acid to remove that staining? How will they ensure the paver or stone surface is not damaged during this phase of the project?
  • Will your contractor address structural issues? Will they re-level dropping pavers, re-align shifting bricks, address trip hazards like tree roots, install new concrete edge restraint where its failing, and ensure that steps and coping are secure?
  • What kind of sand are they using in the joints? Are they offering Polymeric sand or regular sand? Are they planning to lock regular sand into the joints by flooding the surface? Have they taken the time to discuss the differences and how they affect performance.
  • What kind of sealer will they apply? Is it solvent or water based? Do you have an option or do they only apply one or the other?
  • How is the sealer applied? Will your paver sealing service roll the sealer on or spray it? Do they claim to spray and then back roll? Ask yourself, which method seems most likely to deliver the best result? Which method is likely to deliver the best profit margin?
  • Are they properly insured? Are their technicians and helpers true employees or are they 1099s? Do they carry workers compensation?
  • How long have they been sealing pavers? Is this their core business or an add on service?

As detailed a list as this may seem, it is by no means complete and the most important questions are the ones you have about your paver sealing project.  At we have answers to all of these questions and more. We’d like to think we have the best paver sealing Windermere residents could ask for, but we also hope to have the best answers for their important questions as well.

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