People and Processes…

We bring over 12 years of experience in the maintenance, cleaning and sealing of brick pavers and natural stone to work with us everyday. Over this time period we’ve developed a systematic approach and work tirelessly in training our technicians to carry these systems out.

Occasionally, there may be some variation to this service. Weather, change orders, polymeric sand applications, matte finishes and other variables are addressed as they arise, but the service always makes its way back to this basic system. We’re confident there is not a more thorough start-to-finish paver sealing process available in Central Florida.

Day One

  • We arrive on time, in uniform and equipped for the job.
  • We knock, introduce ourselves, outline our plan, and work with our customer to get any vehicles moved and identify specific concerns.
  • We take pictures.
  • We remove patio furniture, potted plants, baby gates, etc. (pool deck service)
  • We clean the surface; using a special pressure cleaning attachment to assist in the removal mold, mildew, algae, dirt, dust, rust and just about anything that doesn’t belong on the paver surface or in the joints.
  • We rinse and dry dust adjacent surfaces to make sure they are clean and free of sand, dirt, etc.
  • We make any necessary repairs.
  • We rope off the prepared driveway (driveway service), replace any patio furniture that can’t be exposed to the weather, and re install baby gates if applicable.
  • We walk the job and clean up after ourselves.

Day Two

  • We arrive on time, in uniform and with all required material.
  • We knock, let our customer know what’s next and outline our plan for the day.
  • We asses the surface. Checking to ensure the surface is clean, dry and ready for sealant.
  • We set up a single, organized staging area.
  • We double check our repairs.
  • We manually re-sand the joints. Hand bristle broomed using clean, dry, bagged sand.
  • We sweep and blow any excess sand from the surface. Leaving sand only in the joints, not puddling in the corners of the paver or covering your adjacent surfaces.
  • We roll the entire first coat. This is where our service really stands out, as there is no better way to apply a thick, thorough coat of sealant than with a roller. The technician actually looks at every brick as they go, sealant is pushed into the pores of the brick, and the “build” on top of the brick is thorough and uniform.
  • We hand brush any detail areas such as around pool coping, thresholds, garage doors, etc.
  • We clean our rollers, frames, trays, and supplies, while loading our sprayers for the second coat.
  • We spray the second coat. By spraying the second coat, we ensure that the low areas of the paver (corners, edges and joints) are treated as well. It also eliminates any roller marks, and provides a crisp, finished look.
  • We clean up after ourselves, ensuring your patio furniture is replaced, baby gates are up, any trash is removed, sand is swept, the pool is clean and that the area is ready to entertain, same day.
  • We walk the job with the customer, answer any questions, and make sure the surface exceeds their expectations.
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