Windermere is booming. New homes are going up at a steady clip, multi family residential is starting to sprout up at its edges along 535 and owners of existing residences are upgrading their driveways, pool decks and other outdoor living areas.  Homeowners are increasingly opting for upgraded material options like brick pavers, travertine, shell stone and other alternatives to traditional concrete and cool deck surfaces. The result is a true demand for Professional Paver Sealing Service in Windermere.

How do you define a Professional Paver Sealing Service in Windermere (Or any other city for that matter) ? Well, we can start with a few key standards…

  • Is Paver Sealing their primary business or just an add on service?
  • Are they using the best material? Do you recognize the brand or do they claim that the new company that no one has ever heard of is the new gold standard in paver coatings?paversealingH250
  • How will they apply the paver sealer? Rolled applications go down thick and evenly, but cost more to apply properly. If they’re just spraying or spraying and “Back rolling”, ask yourself why.
  • What type of experience do they have? When a problem comes up, will they know how to handle it?
  • Are they insured? Many pressure washers and painters use workers comp exemptions, unfortunately these exemptions only apply to the homeowner, not to any of their helpers.

If you’re  in search of a Professional Paver Sealing Service in Windermere, Fl the pros at would be a great place to look.  Completely dedicated to brick paver sealing, repair and maintenance, they are the  go to resource for paver sealing in Central Florida.

Licensed and Insured they carry workers compensation on each of their employees and they’ve been applying the best, brand name materials for almost 15 years, having sealed over 5 million square feet of brick pavers and natural stone.

Call or text today at 407.712.5511 to set up a free, no obligation assessment and quote at your home, or simply click here to submit a “quick quote” request online.