With new homes going up everyday, we’ve been getting a lot of calls from customers who are interested in sealing new pavers in Winter Garden, Fl. If you’ve recently picked up the keys to your new home or even if you’ve been in the house for a while but just never got around to sealing your paver surfaces, now may be the time.

We find that there are essentially 3 main reasons that homeowners go looking for paver sealing in Winter Garden

1. Appearance. This is by far the most popular reason that homeowners seal their paver surfaces.  The fact is, a properly sealed brick paver surface looks AMAZING!  With deep, rich color tones and crisp Matte, Satin or High Gloss sheens, the pavers take on an entirely new look and feel. Different lighting causes subtle changes throughout the day and the surface often appears completely different when you return home than it did when you left.  Also…who doesn’t want the best looking pavers on the block?

Winter Garden Paver Sealing

Winter Garden Paver Sealing

2. Maintenance. For all of the fantastic benefits that brick pavers surfaces have to offer, their single biggest drawback is that in order to keep them looking nice, they require quite a bit of maintenance. Sealing new pavers can eliminate the need for pressure washing annually and turn that into part of a 2-4 year maintenance cycle. This is attractive for full time residents of course, but especially so for absentee owners who are not at their homes year round. The fact is, its a lot nicer to have beautiful pavers every day rather than once or twice a year after they’re freshly cleaned.

3. Protection. Unlike traditional concrete surfaces, most brick pavers have color. This design feature allows designers and builders to create beautiful hardscape surfaces that blend in and enhance their surroundings. Unfortunately, unprotected concrete pavers will begin to erode and as they do, more and more of the aggregate (the tiny white rocks) used to manufacture the brick will become exposed. This erosion can cause the surface to appear faded and uneven. Often a pool deck or driveway will look completely dull and washed out while the areas under covered porches and eves will still look new. There are solutions for this problem but sealing new pavers will prevent this from happening in the first place.

Fortunately, these 3 benefits are not mutually exclusive, they are at the core of what we do on every single paver sealing project.

If you’re considering sealing new pavers in Winter Garden, FL or anywhere else in the greater Orlando area, we would love to talk with you about your project! Please feel free to call or text at 407.712.5511, send us a message on Facebook or Instagram, or click here to set up a quote!