Winter Park Paver Repair

Winter Park homeowners enjoy life beneath the canopy of stately live oaks and towering cypress trees. They also face a particularly difficult challenge in maintaining their brick and travertine surfaces. Choosing a qualified and properly insured Winter Park Paver Repair service is essential.

At, we specialize in all aspects of traditional brick, brick paver, travertine and natural stone maintenance.

We offer full scale repair service for dropping bricks, bricks that may be shifting or buckling, tree root issues, excessive erosion and any other kind of structural brick repair issues.

Paver Repair in Progress

Paver Repair in Progress

A Plan

Generally speaking Winter Park paver repair should take place as part of a comprehensive  maintenance plan and looks something like this.

  • High Quality Repair. Address structural issues such as dropping  shifting, buckling and cracked pavers.
  • Re-Sanding of Paver Joints. Replacing the joint sand goes a long way toward preventing the degradation of paver surfaces. Joint stabilizing sand products like Polymeric Sand can be added to the service as well as it significantly reduces erosion and eliminates weed growth.
  • Sealing Pavers. Proper application of a high quality, solvent based sealer will enhance the color of the bricks, strengthen the paver surface, inhibit algae growth and prevent staining from grease, rust and other hazards.
  • Periodic Adjustment. Small repairs are easier than big ones.  If a homeowner has large trees that sit close to their paver surfaces they should consider making incremental repairs on an annual basis. This allows us to take a less aggressive approach with your tree roots while ensuring the paver surface itself is safe and looking its best at all times.

Of course every home and brick paver surface is unique and presents its own set of challenges. We would love the opportunity to talk with you about yours. If you find yourself in need of a licensed and insured Winter Park paver repair service, we would love to help.

Please fill out an online quote request here, or give as a call at 407-712-5511, and we can arrange a time to come out and provide a free, no obligation assessment and quotation at your home.